Dry Shampoo For Lovely Updos

Some girls think that there’s nothing to do with their second-day hair but to rewash it to get the needed volume. Not bad. But who says that they’re right? Wise women who prefer stress-free mornings know that second-day hair is not a crime! Updos are also about to save your time: many updos are easier to create on not blow-dried hair, as your hair is more flexible. A dry shampoo is all you need to freshen up your locks. Just spray it, blend all over your hair and brush it. Then, put all your hair together, leaving some framing locks, and twist your hair on the back. See? It’s easy, yet absolutely adorable.

Don’t Forget About Hair Spray

Another tip that every girl should know is to don’t be shy with a hair spray. Yes, if you want to sport your updo to all day long, this is the only way to make it stay longer. We know why girls prefer to stay away from such products: they think that it makes their locks stick. That means that you have to use a medium-hold spray with an airy texture (without glitters) that won’t bother you. Even such a simple side updo that you see in this pic should be secured with a spray. Otherwise, these messy locks will fall apart.

Bun With A Donut

No wonder that so many girls want to learn how to do a bun with a donut: it looks very voluminous. If you’re one of those, get yourself a bun donut, it will be the base of your hairdo. Now, it’s very easy: do a ponytail, put a donut over the band and pull your ponytail through the donut. That’s it! Secure this beauty with some pins and hairspray. Also, you can diversify this updo with some braided elements; it’s all up to you.

Classic Chignon Bun Tutorial

Now, it’s time for a handy tutorial that will teach you how to make a simple bun. This variation of bun is perfect for any occasion. Follow these steps to rock your days with a cute updo:

  1. Brush your hair with a comb, creating a smooth ponytail in the place where you want to do your bun.
  2. Then, brush out a higher section of your ponytail and tight it with another band.
  3. Take this section and do a low twist, putting the ends under the elastics.
  4. Pull off two back strands from the twist and wrap them around the base so that they hide the bands.

Trendy Messy Bun

Messy bun seems to be one of the easiest, yet the hottest hairdos. When your hair is styled messily, it gives sort of I-don’t-care look, which is very attractive. If you don’t know how to put your hair in a messy bun, you’re missing out on a complete life! Nothing is easier: don’t brush your hair neatly, just put it together and do a high, a bit sided bun. Pull off some strands to add movement, and leave the front locks to get a messier silhouette.

Bun With Hair Accessories

Though your hair is your best accessory, we can’t have too much of a good thing! Some hair accessories can be a good idea to make your beautiful updo look even more unique. You can adorn your hot messy hairdo with hair wraps, pins or a tiny tiara on the top of your head.

Chic Bun For Short Hair

Have no idea how to tie a bun with short hair? Well, it’s even easier than you can imagine. For short hair, it’s better to do low messy buns, so that the short sticky strands look less noticeable. The rules are simple: tie your hair into a low ponytail, tease it a little with a comb, and pull the end into the band, securing at the base. That’s all!

Effortless Updo With Head Scarf

Do you know that you can put your hair into a ponytail and bun at the same time? Updos will never stop impressing us. This updo is not as complicated as it seems to be. Just twist the top layer on the back, secure your side bun with bobby pins and do a ponytail out of your low layer. To add some volume and texture, curl your ponytail and finish your look with tiny bows.

Beauty Hack: Bun With A Sock

Your socks are even more useful than you think! Believe it or not, but this fantastic updo was created with the help of a sock. We want to share with you a secret of how to make a bun with a sock, get ready. Actually, you just need to cut the toe end off and roll the sock into a donut. Now, you have your self-made donut, and you are free to experiment!