40 Cute Summer Nail Designs You Can *Actually* Do Yourself

Millennial Pink

Can’t choose between two shades of pink? Use them both.

Blue Waves

Mimic the ocean’s waves with a light blue polish.

American Spirit

These nails are perfect for the Fourth of July!

Go Green

Amp up your white manicure with two green stripes on each nail.


Takes notes from SpongeBob and incorporate some pineapples into your style.

Chic Stripes

Grab all your favorite colors and throw them together to make this funky design.


Channel your inner Beyoncé this summer.

Eyes on Eyes

Once you have your base coat, just add a circle and a curved eye on each nail.

Tropical Trees

A super quick and easy way to add summer vibes to your mani is to draw some pretty palm trees.

Boxy Minimalist

Start with a clear base and draw some rectangles using your favorite purple shade.

Negative Space

Painting your entire nail one color is so yesterday.

Patriotic Stars

Once these nails dry, you’ll definitely want to take a cute pic.

Black Triangles

Draw a triangle on each nail and you’re done!

Summer Flames

These nail are H-O-T, hot!

Colorful Polka-Dots

How mesmerizing are these polka dots?!