60 Medium-Length Hairstyles to Steal from Celebs

Chrissy Teigen’s Feathered Bangs

Blunt, thick bangs can look (and feel) heavy when paired with a shoulder-length cut, but Teigen’s piece-y bangs stay soft and fluttery, thanks to the graduated layers framing her face.

Gabrielle Union’s Curly Topknot

Let us all bow down to Union’s perfectly perfect curls, which are amped up by a slicked-back topknot and waved edges, which adds some structure to this fuller style.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Soft Side Braid

Even if your hair isn’t as long as Ratajkowski’s, you can fake the length by tying off your over-the-shoulder braid with a long black ribbon, which gives the illusion of Rapunzel-level hair. To keep the look from feeling schoolgirl, gently tug and pull the loose layers around your face and wrap them around a curling wand for texture.

Hailee Steinfeld ‘s Clipped-Back Curls

Pretty much the ultimate party look, Steinfeld’s big, voluminous curls are the result of wrapping two-inch sections around a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, and then gently raking through them with your fingers. For a modern touch (big curls = ’80s hair, fast), side part your hair and clip back a section of curls with a smattering of bobby pins.

Zendaya’s Brushed-Out Waves

Soft, fluffy, and voluminous, Zendaya’s waves look like she just rolled out of bed in the ’50s, and we mean that in the most envious of ways. For the most authentic finish, blow-out your hair and, while it’s still warm, wrap two-inch pieces of hair around jumbo velcro rollers for 30 minutes. Spritz with hairspray, unravel, and then brush through your curls with a boar-bristle brush.

Bella Hadid’s Slicked-Back Look

Wet-look hair has been the “it” style of this summer’s events, but Bella took it to the next level by brushing both sides of her hair straight back before curving it around the base of her head. To get the glossy texture, rake a dollop of pomadethrough your damp hair with your fingers, then let dry.

Tessa Thompson’s Side-Swept Waves

This simple hairstyle requires just a few bobby pins: Tuck and pin your hair back behind one ear to add an undercut element, then go to town with some over-the-shoulder poses to capture the full cascading effect.

Kiernan Shipka’s ’80s Curls

Though actress Kiernan Shipka is known for her straight hair—and insanely good brows—her modern take on a big ’80s perm (note the swooping side part) is incredibly inspo-worthy. Just make sure you schedule this style on a day when rain’s out of the forecast, lest you want to end up with a halo of frizz.

Keri Russell’s Bouncy Waves

Keri Russell has maintained some of the best hair on TV since her Felicity days, but it’s her bouncy waves that have us wondering what gravity-defying feat is happening here. Her hair stylist Brian Magallones has said he relies on volumizing spray for the added bounce. For the waves themselves, he curls them in two-inch sections and pins them to her scalp while they cool for some added staying power.

Rose Byrne’s Ombre Lob

An ombré fade is one of the easiest ways to add some character to a basic brunette lob, and Byrne’s vampy lip and auburn cut are making us all want to go out and get highlights.

Heather Graham’s Perfect Barrel Curls

Soft barrel curls that toe the middle line between ringlets and loose S-waves are the epitome of #hairgoals. Just make sure not to rake through these curls before they’re absolutely cooled, or you’ll pull them out.

Dita von Teese’s Satiny Retro Vibe

Dita von Teese has the pin-up look down. Her secrets to that shiny, satiny, wavy finish? Hair masks, barrel rollers, setting spray, and a really excellent cut, sans layers.

Halle Berry’s Caramel Highlights

Eye-skimming bangs, a smattering of caramel highlights, and subtle waves? Halle Berry has perfected the formula to flattering, never-boring hair.

Emma Watson’s Beachy Highlights

If you’re currently studying this photo saying, “What Hermione magic was done here?” then we’re with you. But it’s less magic and more really expert coloring: The cornflower highlights at the ends of her hair lend a mystical sun-dipped glow to her waves.

Lucy Hale’s Sleek Center Part

When you’re feeling lazy, run a flat-iron through your hair a few times, mist on a shine spray, and tuck your hair behind your ears. A few hidden bobby pins will keep it all in place for a smooth look.

FKA Twigs’ Curly Lob

Super-tight curls make for the ultimate level of texture in this red-carpet style. Part your hair on the side for even more added volume.

Taylor Swift’s Feathery Lob

If you’re rocking a lob, nix the satiny, straight-ironed look for a more natural, “I woke up like this” texture. Consider trying out eye-skimming bangs on your next cutto add even more dimension.

Kylie Jenner’s Textured Side Part

In which Kylie Jenner channels a ’90s supermodel with this naturally windswept look. FWIW, the deep side part makes all the difference.

Ashley Benson’s Fading Roots

The most important take-away of this look? Having a few inches of grow out is actually pretty cute. Instead of re-dyeing your roots, ask your colorist to blend some of your natural hue into the blonde dye by the roots, so it looks more natural.

Sienna Miller’s Beachy Waves

If you can’t actually soak up some naturally salty texture from a beach vacation this summer, recreate the look by spritzing sea salt spray on stick-straight hair, before twisting random sections around a medium-barrel curling iron.

Kate Middleton’s Barrel Curls

A pile of softly spiraled barrel curls near the ends of Kate’s hair turn this basic blow-out into something worth screenshotting.

Ciara’s Piece-y Bangs

Ciara looks almost unrecognizable since she swapped out her long lengths for this mid-length bob and choppy bangs. Ask your stylist to feather your bangs for a soft, fluttery effect.

Emma Stone’s Flipped-Out Ends

These swooping ends are the physical manifestation of the 💁 emoji, all thanks to a little round-brushing action away from the face.

Alexis Bledel’s Side Bangs

Further proof that wispy side-bangs can do wonders for taking any face shape and turning it into an angled, chiseled masterpiece.

Gina Rodriguez’s Sophisticated Bob

A chic, super-versatile lob is the easiest year-round hairstyle to wear, since it can be flat-ironed to the sleekest of finishes in the winter, or clipped back and braided in the frizz-filled summer.

Kirsten Dunst’s ’90s Style

We wouldn’t mind breaking our crimping iron out of storage if it meant we could recreate these beachy waves at home. Luckily, you can get the same effect by braiding your slightly damp hair,wrapping the braid into a knot, and sleeping on it.

Thandie Newton’s Voluminous Curls

Westworld star Thandie Newton shows us how to wear picked-out, fluffy disco curls like a boss (pssst: It’s all about the umbrella technique).

Selena Gomez’s Deep-Parted Sleekness

Signature style alert: Selena Gomez’s shiny and sleek finish will never go out of fashion. Spritz your hair with a shine spray then run a flat-iron over it for ultra smoothness.

Diane Kruger’s Floral Updo

If you’re ever in doubt about how to amp up your mid-length cut, grab the nearest poinsettia or sprig of flowers and bobby-pin them back behind your ear. (Fake florals are just as good if you have no access to Martha Stewart’s garden.)

Lily Collins’ Baby Bouffant

We’re getting some Kate Middleton vibes from this chic bouffant style that’s parted in the center and curled at the ends. Add a little cat-eye flick to your lids to really nail the retro look.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Volume

Supermodel volume isn’t rocket science: Dry your damp hair upside-down, using a wide round brush to curve your face-framing layers around your jaw. Done and done.

Rose Byrne’s Ribbon Highlights

The creamy ribbon highlights give each of Byrne’s soft curls an intense, yet natural-looking, definition.

Solange’s Soft Texture

This brushed-out style is all about embracing your natural frizz, which is a given asset of any curly hair. To get the look, run a wide-tooth comb through the mid-lengths to ends of your curlsfor a soft finish.

Martha Hunt’s Piece-y Waves

Don’t worry, ladies with fine hair—your waves will be just as bouncy as your thick-haired counterparts as long as you get a smattering of short layers cut into your style. Ask your stylist to start at the cheekbones and work their way down for immediate texture.

Suki Waterhouse’s Bendy Ombré

Enhance your ombré by curling just the mid-lengths of your hair and leaving the roots straight. Total game-changer in how the light will hit your hair.

Alexa Chung’s Mini Braids

Proof that Pippi Longstocking hair can still look chic: Alexa Chung’s tight pigtail braids with auburn-dipped ends.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dimensional Highlights

Yes, you’ve got your Rachel-esque choppiness going on here, but this cut also uses subtle babylights to add depth and texture to a straight style.

Priyanka Chopra’s Pinned-Back Curls

When you’ve got too much hair to know what do with (or just end up with some wonky curled strands, which happens to the best of us), pin back a section of curls hair behind your ear for some asymmetrical action.

Margot Robbie’s Flipped-Over Volume

We have a lot of feelings about blunt ends on shoulder-length hair, and all of them are good. To get this voluminous front wave, try blowing out your hair like usual, the flip your part to the opposite side of your head.

Rihanna’s Half-Up, Half-Down Waves

The curls are soft, yet the half-up ponytail is polished. Dare we say this is the perfect hairstyle for literally every occasion? (Ariana Grande is off in a corner somewhere nodding her head in agreement.)

Emma Watson’s Tumble of Curls

When in doubt, throw your hair over your shoulder and give the ends a quick curl. The soft bends will create a pretty spiral that catches the light juuuuust right.

Kerry Washington’s Perfect Ponytail

May we all observe a moment of silence for this perfectly smooth and voluminous ponytail. To recreate at home, slick back hair into a tight ponytail, then gently tug at the hair on the crown of your head to loosen the ponytail and create volume. Twist random sections of hair around a curling iron, brush them out, and go forth into your dreamy, picturesque future.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Extreme Layers

Get the effect of longer hair by adding feathered layers. Note: Having your hair stylist use a razor is a great trick for getting piece-y ends.

Emily Blunt’s Wavy Lob

Pro tip for people who suffer from #StraightHairStruggles: Let your wet hair dry in a messy bun. Once you take out the elastic, you’ll be left with loose waves that look totally natural.

Katy Perry’s Brushed-Out Curls

So much volume, so little time. What did we do before the days of Dry Bar? We stuck in some hot rollers, let the hair cool, brushed out the curls, then spritzed with hairspray to get Katy Perry’s soft curls.

Miranda Kerr’s Messy Part

In case Kerr’s choker hadn’t tipped you off, the ’90s are back. This era-appropriate look modernizes the best hair trend of the decade—that super casual, just-ran-my-hands-through-it vibe.

Rashida Jones’s Long Bangs and Low Pony

The best part about medium-length hair is you can totally pull off a low ponytail, without looking blah. Extra points for thick, lash-skimming bangs.

Irina Shayk’s Fluffy Waves

Fact: Humidity leads to fluffy hair. Second fact: Fluffy hair is in. Pin one side back, add a sprig of flowers or a barrette, and you’ll totally look like a casual mermaid/supermodel.

Doutzen Kroes’ Ear Tuck

This versatile cut manages to look good whether you’re at the yoga studio or at dinner at Per Se, thanks to long layers and a ton of texturizing spray. Also, by “the yoga studio,” we mean sitting at home on the couch watching Netflix.


Karlie Kloss’ Floaty Waves

We’re getting major Jennifer Aniston circa Friends vibes here. In conclusion, let’s all get “The Rachel,” because apparently it still looks fabulous.

Lily Aldridge’s Tight Curls

Nothing goes better with ringlet curls than a deep and precise side part. It’s science.

Jessica Chastain’s Mega-Shiny Waves

These loose cascading waves are catching the light in an ethereal, other-worldly way. One more reason to invest in a good blow-dryer and shine spray.

Natalie Portman’s Polished Twist
Look at that tiny curl. Who knew something so simple could completely define a look so completely?
Mischa Barton’s Voluminous Waves

Round brush, round brush, and round brush some more to get this kind of amped-up volume at your roots. When you’re done, wrap the ends around a flat iron to create those subtle spirals.

Kate Mara’s Ombré Half-Ponytail

Growing out your bleach job doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Play up the old and the new with a half ponytail that has a cool ombré effect.

Beyoncé’s Soft Curls

The good news: You can get a faux layered look by combing out your curls with a wide-tooth comb. The bad news: You have to break out ye olde curling iron to get the curls in the first place.

Keira’s Knightley’s Thick Bangs

There are too many benefits to being able to hide your gaze behind loose, falling-in-your-eyes bangs. Number one: Being able to avoid all eye contact with strangers.

Christina Hendricks’ Half-Updo

If you have short side bangs, clip your hair back (half-up, half-down) and tease your crown to get this Mad Men-esque look. Optional: Take it one step further with some cat-eye shades.

Zoe Saldana’s Pulled-Back Waves

The easiest way to break up your scrunchie routine? A simple hair band. Slide it over your waves to keep your hair smoothwhile pulling your strands out of your face.

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